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Nightingale Bulletin – May 2017


Did you know that thousands of physicians have successfully converted to a TELUS EMR from another EMR?


TELUS Health has invested in building a tool to directly convert Nightingale on Demand customers to PS Suite or MedAccess. It makes the conversion extremely accurate, along with speeding up the process to minimize downtime inconvenience to clinics. Here are some examples of the customer feedback that we are getting from clinics that have converted.


"At the time of conversion our practice had been using Nightingale for nearly 14 years and had grown from a single physician to four MDs and four support staff clinic. It is a consulting pediatric clinic so we don't do primary care but are a specialty clinic with the challenges of managing waitlists, sending out consultation letters etc.


We had issues with Nightingale-On-Demand no longer meeting the needs of the clinic and individual MDs and so we looked at what TELUS could provide. After taking a tour, I was impressed with the capabilities of TELUS and wanted to migrate as soon as possible. Major benefits for me were waitlist management, ability to search the patient chart and ability to integrate patient completed questionnaires (i.e. Cognisant MD).


Certainly a highlight was the teaching before going live and support on the go-live date. Louise, our educator was professional and listened closely to the needs of our clinic and problem solved well. The CPP is better and easier to view and more functional. It is quick and ultimately an improvement.


I'm impressed with the overall capabilities and search ability of PS Suite EMR. Other features I appreciate include the improved daily flow, waitlist management, the ability to send letters so quickly, faxing prescriptions and letters quickly and from anywhere - even when remotely connected. I also appreciate how easily scanned documents can be viewed and the stamps and custom forms. I can really do everything within the computerized medical chart. We've been able to truly go paperless."


J. van Stralen, MD, FRCPC
Consulting Pediatrician
Center for Pediatric Excellence
Ottawa, ON



"I am a comprehensive family physician doing “cradle-to-grave” work. I work in hospital, the office, the community and long term care. I care for 1,873 family practice patients. I started with Nightingale in 2007 and used it to its full capacity. I chose to migrate to access the features of PS Suite EMR.


I was impressed by the strength of the custom forms, encounter stamps, and toolbars that make my recording of encounters standardized and comprehensive. I had spent hours developing custom templates and flow sheets in Nightingale so was happy to see that PS Suite had many of the same concepts that I was using in addition to many more. The diagram and graphing features exceed those of Nightingale and with continued use I know that I will realize efficiency in my recording.


The most valuable feature for me is my own ability to extract reports and data, for example how many patients are on a particular medication, how many are due for their BMD or to have their opioid contract updated. I love the speed of the software, the VPN feature, and the remote access. The secure email and messaging to patients will replace my email and texting with patients. PS Suite's accounts receivable features bring security that the billing with both OHIP and third party are accurate.


The migration experience to PS Suite EMR has been smoother than I expected. The data team was able to make sure that my top 15 ICD codes were converted for me to ICD 9. I was very surprised that the 10 years of data, with multiple mergers of Nightingale as I expanded my practice, was operational. The data conversion team listened to my concerns and corrected them or found solutions so that I was operational on my go-live date. The PS Suite team and help desk have been very responsive to my questions and patient as I learn a new system.


Words I use to describe PS Suite EMR: comprehensive, efficient, security, confidence, integrity."


Cathy Faulds, MD CCFP FCFP
Family Physician and Practising in Palliative Care


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